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MT Pro®: Complete Information Package for the Serious Investor

Each night and morning, an elite group of traders with specialized trading skills and proprietary earnings indicators trade in the extended-hours markets. With MidnightTrader Pro®, you can take advantage of this most favorable trading time by quickly identifying opportunistic investments using trends based on historical analysis of earnings reaction history. The service combines the investment power of earnings reaction history PLUS the pivotal news and analysis from our signature Live Briefs® and Earnings Notebook® services.

Never traded in the after-hours or pre-market? No problem. MT Pro® provides all of the real time news, alerts, trading ideas and market information you'll need to make informed decisions around the clock. As a subscriber you'll benefit from the unique information and insight of MidnightTrader's experience journalists - providing proprietary news and historical event analysis to subscribers only.

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Live Briefs real time news service!

  • Unique extended-hours visibility
  • Real time regular session news
  • Broad market & sector summaries
  • Analyst rating change history
  • Trade ideas
  • Technical trading set-ups
  • The "big picture"

Trade Scanner

  • Heads up display of active stock price forecasts
  • View pre-market and after-hours largest earnings driven gainers and losers
  • Sort forecasts by time of earnings release, biggest potential gain and moreā€¦
  • View price trends between earnings events by cutting out the noise

Earnings Trade Forecast

  • Detailed view of most recent price forecast
  • Historical performance P&L of previous forecasts
  • EPS performance and trend chart
  • Post earnings next regular session price range forecast

Reaction Summary Alerts

  • Receive advance earnings reaction history email alerts
  • Setup a watch list to receive email news alerts
  • Relate past positive and negative price reactions to earnings for a particular stock
  • Find stocks likely to add to extended-hours gains or losses on earnings news

Historical Data

  • Trade earnings events using history as your guide
  • Identify stocks likely to add to extended-hours gains or losses on earnings news
  • Over four years of quarterly earnings event related price reaction data
  • View price trends between earnings events by cutting out the noise

Earnings Calendar

  • Full corporate earnings calendar
  • Quickly find earnings sensitive stocks
  • Search by company or date range
  • Verified earnings dates removes the guesswork

Live Briefs

  • Real-time coverage of pre-market, regular session and after hours trading
  • Experienced journalists help you
  • Real-time access to company-specific news and headlines
  • Use the calendar date filter to search for past news and corporate events